Reviews of Mad Scientist Online Slots

Reviews of Mad Scientist Online Slots

Before its successor, Madder Scientist, began to dominate the Internet, this game helped Betsoft gain thousands of admirers. With its extremely engaging presentation, 3D visuals, and tempting additional features, playing Mad Scientist is always a fascinating experience. If you align the correct symbols on its 20-payline screen, you may earn up to 100,000 coins every spin!

Mad Scientist is a slot machine that is only accessible on devices that support Flash, but that does not mean it cannot be lucrative. This game has click-me cash elements, dramatic bonus levels with a range of awards, and electric coils that spew wild symbols onto the reels, making each session more entertaining and lucrative.

How to Play the Online Slot Game Mad Scientist

BetSoft’s Mad Scientist has a multitude of clickable and user-friendly screen controls that make playing a breeze. Set the size of your coins by navigating to the bottom-left corner of the screen, and then use the following options to select the amount of coins per line and the active paylines. Since the slot machine allows you to play with a single payline, you may wager as little as 0.01 credits each spin at the online casino. However, if you want greater payouts, you may raise your wager up to 150 credits.

You’ll have up to 20 active paylines on which to collect your wins, as well as eight distinct symbols to assist you do so. The symbols and their rewards are shown in the paytable, which may be viewed by clicking “see pays.” Each award is shown in coins and is multiplied by the coin value you decide. When playing for real money with a minimum stake per line, prizes range from 1 coin to 1,000 coins each winning sequence. But if you play with the maximum wager per line, you’ll be able to collect more lucrative rewards, ranging from 5 coins to 5,000 coins for five of the highest-paying symbols.

In contrast to a large number of earlier BetSoft games, Mad Scientist has not been updated in HTML5. As a Flash game, this slot machine is mostly playable on desktop and laptop computers, but not on Android or iOS smartphones. But if you want to play a similar slot game on your mobile device, you may check out Madder Scientist, the sequel to this game.

Features & Free Spins on the Mad Scientist Slot

During your stay at Dr. Prescott’s lab, you’ll be able to win money whenever you gather three, four, or five matching symbols on an active payline in a left-to-right sequence, however it won’t be via free spins in the traditional sense. The symbols representing a microscope, an atom, and a strobe give the largest cash payouts, with up to 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000 coins per winning combination, respectively. In addition to these three icons, the bonus symbols are the ones you’ll like to see most often.

The first of the bonus symbols is the switch scatter, which pays out up to 1,250 coins regardless of whether it lands on a payline or not. The Tesla coil is a lucrative symbol that may occur on reels 1 and 5 on paylines 1, 2, or 3 to activate the “wild-o-cution” feature. This extra feature will drive shockwaves across the reels, breaking symbols and replace them with wilds to help you win further rewards. But even if you are unable to gather enough Tesla coils, the radioactive indicators may activate a click-me feature on the reels, allowing you to win quick rewards ranging from 125 to 175 credits.

And last, there is the major bonus, which is triggered by at least three dispersed vial symbols anywhere on the screen. Join the mad scientist Prescott in testing his serum and transforming different items into gold to obtain further rewards. If you activate the feature with more than three vial symbols, your winnings may be doubled.

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